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EFOX electronic cigarette review for

Январь 17, 2011

сколько стоит электронная сигарета

И снова привет, друзья!

Заказать электронную сигарету можно на


(лучшая электронная сигарета, скидки, отзывы и многое другое)


Here is my review for EFOX electronic cigarettes from . Its an automatic model of a 510, with a very unique PCC pack that displays battery voltage on a tiny lcd screen. No cutoff time on the auto battery. No false firing when dropped or wind blows across it. Excellent lasting batteries, comes in a very nice box, and did i mention, 3 free bottles of free ejuice with a purchase of a kit… A very good deal for someone wanting to get into electronic cigarettes but doesnt know where to go, or what to buy. Highly recommend this site.


— Efox is adding some pretty cool stuff now.. The new model VGO they added is a fog machine.. Video? review of it by this weeks end.

— the pcc is good for about 3 chargings, and the pcc is recharged through your usb? port, with a seperate cable.

— Hey man! Your vids Rule! Listen, I am a 1.5 pack a day marlboro light smoker…and it has to STOP! I am Eagerly waiting your review of the efox VGO. It really seems to suit me, as I will need a bigtime battery. I? really like what you have shown of the efox company and I am ready to buy upon hearing your thoughts! I am also looking at the Riva 510 from Vapor Shoppe. I really hope you see this soon. Am ready to Vape! Your knowlege is great, would love to be able to email a few Q's. Thanks Man!

— So, do you like efox or what? Do they produce thick? vapor?

— Efox rules, I was skeptical after trying some no name Chinese brand off ebay,? but I gave Efox a chance and I've quit smoking regular cigs, My sense of smell came back after three days. These are really amazing, and at a very fair price as well!

— Thats cool,

— This ecig is awsome. I agree with everything that i heard from your video, just disagree with customer service being 100%.? I would say it is 110%. I had a problem and Jim called me right up and took care of it within 2 hours of me e-mailing him with my problem.

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