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Electronic Cigarette Bliss (Green Smoke It!)

Январь 17, 2011

электронные сигареты купить в петербурге

Рад видеть Вас в своем блоге!

Приобрести электронную сигарету можно на


(лучшая электронная сигарета, скидки, отзывы и многое другое)

Описание: (10% off Automatic!)GreenSmoke is the superior electronic cigarette choice. There are many e-cigs out there trying to take advantage of the huge wave of consumers moving over to electronic cigarettes. Don't be caught in the net of those who are offering a inferior product at a cheaper price.GreenSmoke delivers on all of it's promises. GreenSmoke produces the MOST vapor with the MOST satisfying nictotine experience. Don't fall for an inferior product only to be disappointed and have to buy another. GreenSmoke really satisfies.GreenSmoke offers a 2-piece unit with a battery and a nicotine cartridge that provides a FRESH and CLEAN atomizer with every replacement. This keeps you from dealing with dirty and clogged atomizers that reduce smoke volume. Those who are in the know… know why we have provided this unique design innovation.GreenSmoke is superior to other e-cigs on the market and provides the most-realistic smoking experience so that you can make the transition from tobacco to GreenSmoke with none of the negative effects.We are confident that when you make the switch, you will save money and feel better. Ditch the tobacco and Go Green! We promise you will feel better and those around you will be healthier because of it.Beat the smoking bans. Dodge the rising tobacco taxes. Go GreenSmoke and smoke knowing that if you can't kick the habit, you can at least kick the tobacco.We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. We know you will enjoy your GreenSmoke anywhere you choose to smoke. Others will appreciate your choice as well.Get your GreenSmoke Electronic Cigarette and be a pioneer that leads the way at:'


— We've had many updates since I made this video. We were a small upstart company passionate about e-cigs. I've been with them since the? beginning.

— for anyone who's gonna order the "green" cigarette, I found a? coupon code you could use for 5 percent off. disc5-15252

— @MissXMarlboro

— stopthesmell. wordpress.? com/

— @kidd13news

— Wow? cool product, i wanna try it!

— If I smoked… I would much rather use these than nasty stanky cigarettes.?

— Use coupon code:? greensmokefan-20844 to save 15%!!!!

— @MissXMarlboro

— When the cigarette work is just amazing however I already have 3 batteries that just stopped work in less than one month, the customer service phone is useless, you send them email the just say they can’t find your number order, I paid 5.36 pounds to special delivery that they (Guaranteed next day business day) and this didn’t arrived so in one month test was just disappointment.

— These Suck so bad. Get a real? eCig/vaporizer.

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