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Episode 10 — How to Inhale an Electronic Cigarette, Techniques reviewed

Январь 17, 2011

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This video is great for someone who is new or has never used an Electronic Cigarette! If you want to know more about E-Cigs and if it really works then this channel is for you. After 20 years of smoking tobacco cigarettes Shawn makes the move to Electronic cigarettes.


— 4 days without cigarettes?? after 35 years. 🙂

— Don't drip and drive….ROFLMAO….Yeah, I've done? that.

— you were right shawn lol.? the electronic cigarette? is quite a different feel versus an analog cigarette. oh and i love the pistures in your place.

— Shawn, I think an xray comparison would be? a plus. Please be our official? guinea pig.

— the? way to go,

— Thanks? Shawn, yeah it would be? very interesting to see those results. Go for it!

— great? series!?

— I would be interested in that also… I have been smoking for 30 yrs? and got my chest xrayed recently. Just now trying out? the ecig myself

— Xrays? would be awesome!?

— yeah Shawn, we would? like to see? the results !! 🙂 Thanks 4 the vids

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