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Episode 13 — Troubleshooting Electronic Cigarette 510 series ecig

Январь 17, 2011

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This video looks into common issues and questions with a ecig and troubleshooting technics on a manual 510 series electronic cigarette. If your a newcomer to ecigs this video may be helpful.


— How many drops can you? put into a cart when refilling? Also, how many drags can you take per smoking session with out over heating the unit?? with a normal cig you can take like 15 — 20 puffs but i know it would be different with an e-cig. what the recommended puffs? thanks

— Just wanted to add for atomizer maintenance. On second week i blow the atomizer out? from the battery end into apaper towel, let? it air dry for about half hour then clean with canned compressed air. Put on a fresh cart, take a few puffs to get atomizer wet with juice and good to go again.

— The most important thing with a 510 is to keep your cart topped off! I get a good 10 -12 drops in a new empty cart and never run it dry. People try to get too much from there cart.? An atomizer needs to cool down and they can last months. Also you should rotate two atomizers once a week? and never leave stored without a moist cartridge on it.

— I am once up? to date thanks? to you kind sir

— I dunno if that tricks? true for the battery. I have a few 510's that have very little life. If it works? you rule!

— nice?? vid shawn thanks

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