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How To Refill Blu or Luci Electronic Cigarette Cartridge

Январь 17, 2011

заправка электронных сигарет

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http://www.perfectelectroniccigarette…This is video from Perfect Electronic Cigarette on how to refill a Blu electronic cigarette or Luci electronic cigarette cartridge. So whenever you use up one of your Blu or Luci electronic cigarette refill cartridges make sure to not throw them away. You can simply buy some e-liquid and start filling those empty electronic cigarette cartridges on your own!There are many advantages to refilling your Blu or Luci electronic cigarette cartridges. For one it will end up being cheaper than buying new ones. The next best part about refilling your own Blu and Luci cartridges is the variety of flavors. E-Juice comes in a huge variety of flavors that are not offered by Blu or Luci. If you would like a lot more information about electronic cigarettes above and beyond just Blu and Luci, make sure to visit our website. We have electronic cigarette forums, how to videos, reviews and much more e-cigarette related information. So stop by and see us 🙂 Distributed by Tubemogul.


— any place i go to? just buy premixed stuff?

— If you click on the link in the upper right or go to the link on the video. There is a section called electronic cigarette info. In there you will find the answer to your question. It will not let me post a link on YouTube or else I would of just? done that. srry

— As for the Vapor, I think people are making a comparison between the Blu or Luci against a 801, 901, or 510 which all beat it by A LOT! I have found that it is not even fair to compare the two as the Blu? and Luci models atty's are just not as good of design. When people start vaping, they want something that resembles a real cigarette. When they become "vapers" they want products that actually work regardless of size.

— As for the carts…in my experience pushing a paperclip through the bottom of the cart and pushing that clear plastic piece (that holds the filler material) up to the top. That makes it much easier to fill IMO. Then push that back into the bottom of the cart by? pushing on the edge of the clear plastic piece until it reaches the bottom of the cart. Good vid though!

— I am actually starting to just take the cups out of them and throw in a little fiberfill. After you do that you can get a little more use out? of each cart.

— That is so true. The? mini models like the Blu and Luci are great in their own respect and turn a lot of people on to using electronic cigarettes. After you become a "vapor" you want the huge ugly models that put out huge clouds of vapor 🙂

— Love the video, i just ordered a blu and was looking? at refilling.

— Ok, so I learn from another video that the e-liquid is actually unflavored liquid nicotine which you can mix with flavor liquids.?

— Hey ECigaretteVideos man, your Blu e-cigs review is great, it answered my question about the tin foil inside the cartridges. Thank you. Gonna check out the rest of your website? to see if I can get the answer to my other questions.

— @FoxySonia (continue) And does it really come out cheaper buying the flavor, e-liquid/e-juice, liquid nicotine, and glycerin, than buying new cartridges for the Blu e-cigs? I'm hoping to save my dad money by switching him to smoking these e-cigs. He's a heavy smoker, smokes almost two packs a day and have been smoking since he was 13 and is now 67.? He waste so much money on cigarettes here in NYC, so I want to help him save money with these e-cigs, besides hoping they'll be a healthier alt.

— @FoxySonia (continue) Also,? the Blu cartridges don't have a clear plastic piece inside, what I see is what looks like aluminum foil. Do I puncture it with a toothpick and hope the e-liquid gets in through the little puncture hole? And how do I get nicotine inside? Also, where do I purchase the liquid nicotine? What exactly is e-liquid / e-juice? What is the purpose of adding the glycerin? How do I know how to mix the flavor e-liquid, glycerin and nicotine, is there instructions anywhere?

— I just got Blu e-cigs for my dad in the hopes that it will at least keep him from smoking so much if not quit, since this is a healthier alternative to toxic analog cigarettes. The video & the comments are about refilling the cartridges with e-liquid or (e-juice?) & flavor but? does not show how to refill the nicotine in the used cartridges.

— @calcatchem yes you can. the starter kit comes with 25 carts, and you can throw them away after use. u can also order more? carts, and the price isn't that bad…25 bucks for a carton (containing 25 cartridges), which amounts to about a buck a piece.

— instead of refilling the cartridge, can you just replace the? actual cartridge itself?

— besides the lack of bad liquid, like you said on your other video i think people? forget to remove the small piece of foil after puncture

— will it cause problems if you drip it rite on? the adomizer???

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