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How to Smoke / Use an Electronic Cigarette First, Basic, Advice, Reviews, Testimonials, E-cigs

Январь 17, 2011

электронные сигареты отзывы

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Newbie's! This video is great for someone who has never used a Electronic Cigarette! If you want to know more about E-Cigs and if it really works then this channel is for you. After 20 years of smoking tobacco cigarettes Shawn makes the move to Electronic cigarettes.


— Great job you have learnt a lot in the last few weeks about E-cigs,

— I guess that's your way of? trying to be funny. This video is intended for people over 18 by the way, perhaps you should come back in 5 years and try watching the video when your brain has developed a bit more.

— @P3rplexity: zigcigs, please delete his? comment.

— @LawCoStudios1 dude.e-cig are for 1 main reason.=.= non-harmful.i bet this e-cig is 100x less harmful than the original cigarette.

— more simple way.. get a cigarette.. light a lighter. stick the cig into the? flame. and smoke it ? that simple

— "your going to have to drip throughout? the day… that can be annoying… but, your gonna do it"

— lol. u pulled? that straight out of your ass

— If you never smoked before will it be? bad for you to start vaping?

— What about colon cancer, thats pretty funny.?

— You know whats not funny djnastynat3? Lung? cancer….

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