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Mini Electronic Cigarette — E Cigarettes

Январь 17, 2011

электронная сигарета отзывы врачей

И снова привет, друзья!

Купить электронную сигарету можно на


(лучшая электронная сигарета, скидки, отзывы и многое другое)


Found at the electronic cigarette is a new product that mimics a tobacco smoke by vaporizing liquid nicotine. This is a video of the latest model; the mini electronic cigarette.


— I wonder if they sell THC cartridges… that would be fun.?

— Is there one? that delivers THC instead of Nicotine?

— Simple… no more smoke… i have? one

— u should? make a lip tip thing out of traditional cigarette filter for a more simulated feel

— it? just stops creating smoke

— How do you know when one cartridge is? gone ? Is there an led or some sort of signal to let you know to change the cartridge ?

— This could very well be one of most miraculous inventions known to mankind. The e cig helped me go from a pack a day to 1-3 cigarettes a day. Today, I only had one. My goal is to finish out what cigarettes I have left and? never smoke another cigarette

— I'm really glad you did this video, it helped me make the decision to get one of these and I haven't smoked yet.

— does it taste like? a cigarette?

— does it taste like a normal cigarette? and does it really? dont leave any smell in the room?

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