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Omega electronic cigarette

Январь 17, 2011

электронная сигарета отзывы врачей

Привет, друзья!

Заказать электронную сигарету можно на


(лучшая электронная сигарета, скидки, отзывы и многое другое)


The Omega electronic cigarette from…Without any shadow of a doubt the finest electronic cigarette money can buy 10 out of 10 Chad has created a masterpiece


— Hi Glen, great review. I purchased an Omega after watching several reviews? including this one.

— @Jnova83 Hi,? thats a difficult one that, looks wise id say the the omega and also for size wise its more comfortable to hold for long periods, but i do still love the bullet, it feels stronger more sturdy and the button on the bullet is the best im my opinion, how you liking your omega. thanks

— @romastino

— @Jnova83 Hi Check out my review of the lr 510 cartomiser from ivapour, they are the best i have used,they are a little bit higher ohm rating than the provape ones and work fantastic, toby from ivapour is a great guy, they are for 3.7? vaping and the vapour is 6v production but great flavour.

— i just bought an omega, and i keep hearing how you should drip about 3 drops. well, for some reason when i drip more than one drop. it seems to burn my throat? and have a horable taste. when i drip 1 drop in it seems to be perfect. im using a 510, do you know what i might be doing wrong? or is that normal with the omegas, i just dont understand whats going on. thanks.

— @dumbsob316 Hi Mate, i dont really drip that often but i would say 2-3 drops, for every 5-6 inhales, i was the opposite if i only put one drop on the atty i would get? that burnt flavour, and also if the atty was a couple of weeks old.i just cartomisers now, and would higly reccomend the lr cartos or standard cartos at 5v, much better flavour and throat hit. thanks Glenn

— @romastino

— Thanks folks 1 month in and no bad tarnishing, a quick wioe down with autosol at the end of the day, keeps it tip top?

— thanks for the vid…that finish is stunning.?

— Great? job, I totally agree that the Omega is an amazing device. Perfect marriage of art and function. I highly recommend this device 🙂

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