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What Electronic Cigarette should you choose ? Heres my review

Январь 17, 2011

электронная сигарета

Рад видеть Вас в своем блоге!

Почитать отзывы о электронных сигаретах можно на


(лучшая электронная сигарета, скидки, отзывы и многое другое)


You can buy electronic cigarettes and e-liquids from my sitehttp://www.happysmokes.comso please take a look and hopefully you break the analog cigarette habit.This is a video talking about some of the positives and negatives of the most popular electronic cigarettes on the market. And how they effect you.


— couldnt tell you what? it is off hand. take a pic or video of you with it

— You can get them at happysmokes the website listed below the video in? the info

— Ego Tornado is the? best

— lol love the pinkie hehhe ?

— guys mine is called "E-cigarette" no numbers on the pack, is that ok?

— good points, cant beat the 510.? heard theres a new battery coming that will last 3 hrs!! i also love the new atty's and mega carts. they'll spoil ya

— Hey man this video was just what i was looking for …now a quick question where could i? get the 901 cigg from i have visited some online sites but look fishy to me .

— where did you get those round? carts from for your 901

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