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YouTube- Electronic Cigarette — Doctors say Healthier Alternative.mp4

Январь 17, 2011

электронные сигареты отзывы

И снова привет, друзья!

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Electronic Cigarette Doctors say Healthier AlternativeSome Doctors with common sense !Of course it's healthier than "regular cigarettes" with , Tar, Carbon Monoxide and 4000+ other chemicals


— TAKE THAT FDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you corrupt fuckers!.. you passed Aspartame for foods, and you want to ban E-Cigs, which is 1000x times less harmful than aspartame and cigarettes combined…..I guess money talks BS walks!.. All they want is stuff to make you sick! like aspartame and real cigarettes.

— @niddasa Alot of sites have newport flavors, but no matter what anybody tells you, it? doesn't taste just like it. Very good though, and after a couple of days, you will think ciggs taste nasty. And you'll notice the smell of them, yuck!

— @indycardvr1 : Please check out zigciggs website, he has studies of treatments that have/ and are being used in? the medical fied. The most benifical treatments were for Pneumonia, and other upper respiratory problems. It will explain how it benefits these problems. The most telling research was for the treatment in a children's ward conducted over a 1 year time frame. If you have problems finding the site, hit me up.

— i proudly own an ecig and love it! it has greatly helped me from real cigs for over? a week now. the only concern i have is, could this cause something like pneumonia because of the water vapor in your lungs?

— Why is Travis wearing his Scrubs and why are they wearing white lab coats -do the producers really think Americans are that thick they need to see him in scrubs before they believe he's a doctor?

— thankyou doctors,an honest review that could have been put in the to hard basket,i will not be giving any more of my hard earned money to big tabacco and mylife /health? ,yes to ecigs

— thankyou ,an honest and real show,an honest review of? a product that may help save lives and household money,that is spent on traditional cigs

— Since hearing about this product I have researched it at length, I have to say…I'm impressed and excited! Have been smoking for 20 yrs 😦 I have spend two days trying to find a secure reputable site that ships to Canada. I am convinced that this will help me to quit (have tried all quit smoking censation products) and to no avail…still smoke. My bitching of the day is "I dislike government right now". The? idea of moving away from my country just slipped through my mind!

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