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Episode 2 — Shawn's first time trying an E-Cig / Electronic Cigarette, review & testimonial ecigs

Январь 17, 2011

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This is a series of videos; please view each episode in succession to better understand each video. This is Shawn's first time trying an E-cig better known as a Electronic Cigarette / ecigs


— i love the cough after taking way too much.. that reminds me of me when my ex-girlfriend farted for the first time.. it? was unexpected… anyway good review brother

— Sharing your excitement. I was? like a kid at christmas when mine came in the mail. Loved your facial expression on the first few hits 🙂

— i just got an e-cig…lovin it! first morning without runnin to the store 1st thing when i wake up!! im gonna? buy a new car with the cash i save!!!(i smoke a LOT!)

— Am i'm the only one that lolled fucking? hard at 4:00 when he coughed

— 4:00 this guy definitely used to be a stoner? haha

— @attackacat I'm sure with that bottle of liquid, its already? been thought of, and executed.

— @Patmemphis

— whats next? nicotine in? a syringe?

— i actually think that the e-cig is alot better the a reg cig. i got hooked on smoking a while ago and tried and e-cig and i honestly would rather? smoke 1 of those then a reg cig, does make u cough though haha had that problem alot, but i say the e-cig is amazing and every smoker should try it

— 4:05-LOL….. I love it man…!? Great videos Shawn!

— Sean, it looks like you're smoking a cigar instead of a? cigarette. Thanks for making the video. Its informative and I hope you quit smoking using the product.

— Analogue cigarettes, bwahaaaaaa! haaaaaaaaaaa! lol.

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