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The Copper Electronic Cigarette from First Impressions

Январь 17, 2011

электронная сигарета e cigarette

Привет, друзья!

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Rick from sent me a few of The Copper PVs to try out and review with the catch that if i like one of them i can simply buy it and keep it. I don't want to give away what my final verdict will be , but i will say that the "ROUNDED" Copper with the 510 atty has been treating me very very nice. The Copper is a 6v PV that uses 2 UNPROTECTED CR2 3v batteries , besides being the most interesting looking PV i have used thus far , it has a unique "mouth activated" switch. Where the atomizer is activated by very slightly pushing in the atomizer with your mouth. Which at first was somewhat awkward but after a few vape sessions has become very natural. Stay tuned for the follow up , In the follow up i will probably also include the R2 Copper which is a Rounded style copper with a different body style. thanks Rick!


— Brass, not copper,? right?

— yeah , brass… i? think i said it was made of copper… fail.

— what would be interesting would for it to have just a plastic washer type piece that had a little lip so one could hold? down the "switch" with ur thump….just a thought

— i might not happen as frequently , but it does happen. A battery vent's, it does not explode , both the BB and the SilverBullet are vented at the switch to prevent an "EXPLOSION" if someone was actually careless? enough to let it get to that point.

— I'm not noticing 3.7v P.V devices explode in the world, however, I am noticing 6v devices? explode. Isn't Mr. Silver Bullet advising you not to use unprotected batteries? (and rightly so over these unvented potential pipe bombs)

— The voltage output of the device has nothing to do with batteries "exploding" a battery can vent if missused on a 3.7v device? just as easily as a 6v device. The thickness of the copper is no thicker than a Prodigy , or a BB… in fact it thinner than both the BB and the Silver Bullet.

— If this device heats up given that unprotected batteries? at 6v can explode. Surely with THAT thickness of metal you would be less likely to notice the batteries heating up? Same problem with the Silver Bullet?

— I think we all inspire each other. Grimm gives great detail in his reviews, igetcha was the first to get corp. backing, (but it doesn't objectify his? reviews) KON pulls no punches, BigIce has a unique format, Mr.Smoke is energetic, hell I could go on and on…

— keep? on vaping.

— I agree I agree! But I look at the way you do things as my inspiration ^_^. You and igetcha69 both are one the my top favs! So when I see you all doing things in? a way I really like, then I am encouraged to "step it up" ^_^.

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